Why is Accessibility Important?

The web is the most powerful commercial, educational, and communications tool of our age – and tens of millions of people are unable to use it. Individuals with disabilities have a right to equal access to information, and US federal and state legislation requiring online content to be accessible is being increasingly enforced. Ensuring that your organization's website is fully usable by all visitors not only helps avoid legal actions, but also expands your organization's reach to a vast new audience.

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54% of adults living with a disability go online.

- "Pew Internet Project" survey by: Princeton Survey Research Associates International, Jan. 2011

How does this affect me?

Organizations of all sizes and types are increasingly vulnerable to being noticed and cited for failure to comply with long-standing laws regarding accessibility, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. Legal actions are costly, both in terms of court rulings (many of which have resulted in both remedial and punitive penalties) and public perception. Many companies, agencies, and institutions are proactively improving their accessibility offerings, leading the way in their respective industries and affirming to their audience that equal access to services and content is a top priority.

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We've developed a solution.

Accessibility Compliance Online offers decades of experience in electronic and online accessibility. Our team can work with your existing web content to rebuild and remediate it so that your websites are fully accessible while also retaining the visual flair and multimedia-rich environment you need. Most importantly, we understand the importance of content that's not only technically compliant with accessibility laws ("we added captions"), but also fully usable by people with disabilities ("we added complete and understandable captions"). With our help, your websites will not only satisfy federal requirements, but also real-world clients, customers, and students.

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Can You Understand This Video Without Sight or Hearing?

What can you do?


The more you know about the obstacles faced by people with disabilities, and the technologies used to overcome those challenges, the better you'll be able to plan and execute your usability and remediation projects.


Accessibility Compliance Online is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring equal access to modern online content. Your donations help provide free software tools to end-users, develop technologies, and lobby for efficient legal measures.

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